Buses are the best way to improve air quality quickly.

New independent research published by Greener Journeys demonstrates that buses are a key part of the solution to improving air quality.

The report “Improving Air Quality in Towns & Cities” by Professor David Begg shows that bus travel is the most cost effective solution to improving air quality and should be at the very heart of the Government’s clean air strategy.

This important piece of work clearly demonstrates the contribution that bus travel can make to improving air quality.  Britain's bus companies have invested huge sums in newer, cleaner buses and those on our roads are now more environmentally friendly than they have ever been.

It is an accepted fact that traffic congestion drastically worsens air quality and this report shows that bus priority measures can deliver 75% fewer emissions per bus passenger kilometre than for car passengers. So the case for the bus has never been stronger.  So hop on-board today!

Issued: April 2017.

Bus renaissance under way

The bus is coming back into fashion in parts of the UK where new, modern and innovative service offers are helping more people beat congestion, cut pollution and get from A to B more conveniently.

Official Government figures show that passenger numbers have been growing in certain towns and cities, particularly more affluent parts of the south, bucking the trend of long-term decline across the UK as a whole.

A new report by the LowCVP, commissioned by Greener Journeys, highlights how bus services in many of the regions experiencing the biggest growth in bus patronage, including Bristol (19% increase from 2009/10 to 2015/16), Reading (17%) Milton Keynes (15%) and Oxfordshire (12%), have benefited from investment and prioritisation by local councils in partnership with operators.

The boost is by no means limited to the south, with York more recently experiencing a 7% increase in bus usage since 2011/12 – the equivalent of an extra 600,000 passenger journeys per year.

Popular improvements identified by the report, 'Any Journey is Greener by Bus', include cleaner vehicle technology, real-time travel information, integrated ticketing, free WiFi and charging, improved seating, shorter journey times, better routing and bus priority measures such as bus lanes.

The report, launched 9 February at the UK Bus Summit, says that in some cities and regions operators have introduced not just cleaner vehicle technology, but also a host of other innovative features which are attracting people back to buses, and even out of their cars in some cases.

See more here.

Issued 09 Feb 2017.

Multi-Operator tickets widely available.

Recent analysis by the TAS partnership has found that multi-operator tickets are available for 69% of trips reviewed in the latest National Fares Survey across Great Britain – a figure which varies by market, operating group and region.

The National Fares Survey, published this week and covering fares gathered from October 2015, showed that multi-operator tickets are available for:
•    100% of trips in PTE areas,
•    74% across British cities,
•    52% across Shire towns,
•    43% across inter-urban areas.

The survey also found that 70% of sample trips had a Smartcard ticket option and were issued by participating operators, 50% had a mobile ticketing option – a figure which will have since risen.

Regionally, Yorkshire & Humber has the greatest availability of multi-operator tickets at 79% and Wales the least at 53%.

“There is the misconception that multi-operator bus tickets are not widely available in this country,” said Steve Warburton, editor of the survey and TAS director, “but our figures show this is simply not true. The public do have multi-operator ticket choices available and are making use of them.

Also, despite the political emphasis on Smartcards, mobile ticketing has been developed and introduced far more quickly.”

Steve continued: “The widespread, public expectation that ‘wave and pay’ or rather ‘press and pay’ is the norm will undoubtedly place pressure on bus operators to follow suit and major operators have promised significant progress in this field during 2017.”

Details of these multi-operator bus tickets can be found here. For details of train and bus ticketing across Britain visit PlusBus.

Issued: 09 Feb 2017

Traveline Widget for Door-to-door journeys

All the Town-specific pages of the PlusBus website are now making use of the traveline website widget, to offer customers the opportunity to plan their local journeys without having to leave the main PlusBus site.

Issued: 28 Oct 2016.


Updated: 28/10/2016.